Monday, May 21, 2012

A picture is worth a thousand words

I haven't uploaded a picture to my blog in ages. So instead of summarizing what I've been up to, here are some pictures with brief descriptions.  Enjoy =)

YAV Thanksgiving. We played football (American style of course) before dinner at out site supervisor's house. THE Mr. Doug Baker

YAV Christmas. With Ellison who made Christmas amazing. He helped me decorate the mantle, a tradition I've done forever with my Mom.  

All the YAVs on our Retreat to Donegal in the Republic of Ireland in February. 

At the top after hiking up Slieve League, the highest sea cliffs in Europe on our February Retreat. 
Trying to friend a sheep on the way back down. I've been trying all year, but they all run away.  This is the closest I've ever gotten. Guess I will not make a sheep friend =(

Above 4 pictures are from the Macrory Re-Opening Event. After the vandalism we held this large event to show off the renovations to the hall.  We had groups from the community come with information booths, music, food, speakers, crafts for kids, face painting and in general. GREAT craic. It was an amazing event filling the halls of Macrory with life and laughter.

Trip to Edinburgh (the trip I was supposed to take with my parents until they had to reschedule the trip because of Mom breaking her elbow) This is in the bathroom of the Elephant House. Where JK. wrote Harry Potter.  Its all the same except in the toilet... HILARIOUS

Day trip to the Irish American Folk Museum in Omagh with WAVE.  Picture is in a model boat "on its way back to America" Guess they were ready to get rid of me ;)

St. Patrick's Day in Downpatrick visiting the grave of St. Patrick and the Cathedral. Delightful lunch, dancing and parade. 

I have become known for my Quiz games at WAVE. I did one for the Men's group one week and have done many since.  Above two pictures are the women playing my game and me as Quiz master at the Women's Group Residential.

Women playing the rain game at residential.  They loved it. Didn't have the heart to tell them the game came from Native American Rain Dancing to bring on the rain.  I mean we get enough of that in Ireland don't we?
The whole group. 

My lovely WAVE site supervisor and I. The Tammen's.  (She has my last name)

The Boy's on Display Night of Boys Brigade (BB). BB does a showcase and awards night the last night of the term.  The boys are standing waiting to be awarded.

The team of fearless leaders of the Anchor Boys standing and trying to keep the boys quiet, standing in a straight line. 

Me dressed up like a man for the Company sections skit of Take Me Out. Lots of ppl in the evidently couldn't tell it was me.  High moment of the night, being put on the spot rapping and rhyming my man name, Steve, with weave. What can I say, I have mad skills. 

Folding the flag, but first a pose. I was asked to fold the flag into the standard triangle most Thursdays.  Thanks Girl Scouts for teaching me how. =)

The one and only night they have ever gotten me to play football. I was a TERRIBLE goal keeper. But it was good fun anyway.

Old BB uniform hat. Stylish no?

Gardening Event at the Community Centre in Tiger's Bay.  

Youth club, (well mostly youth leadership) put on Soup Stall at the Gardening Event.  These are my two wonderful assistants to the day.  Couldn't have done it without you.  We had 6 different kinds of soup.  People took a sample from each and tried to guess what each soup was.  Some of them were quite obvious. 

Some of the youth from Club trying the Soup. 

For Derby I put on a special event at club. I came in dressed as though I was ready for the derby and made a slide show all about the festival leading up to the derby with a lot of pictures.  I talked to the youth about how the Derby is what my hometown is known for and asked them what they thought Belfast was known for.  Really insightful, interesting conversation around this topic. I also had a list of the horses and let them pick which horse they thought was going to win.  Don't worry no money was gambled, just a laugh at some of the names. No one picked the winning horse.  I picked Done Talking as a small joke, you know since I rarely ever shut my mouth ;)

We had our own race at the end with various relays. It ended up being leaders against youth. HIGHLY amusing. 

We made tissue roses as a craft that night.  

And I made some derby pie.  Also a lot of the youth gave me one of their flowers they made in the craft.  I had a substantial bouquet by the end which is currently on my living room table. 

Mark and Anita finally made it.  This is an afternoon where a church member took my parents and I to Belfast Castle for afternoon Tea. It was lovely. My parents had a wonderful time as the previous blog, courtesy of Anita testifies. 

A picture collage from the Church Sale this past Saturday.  I ended up helping at the plant stall.  The sale was to raise money for Christian Aid.

Day trip to Mt. Stewart.  The girls in the garden in the pictures above and below.

That's all for now folks!  If you want more detail about one of the events or pictures shown, by all means shoot me and email at 

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